„I like to be seen / I don´t like to be seen…“

The Right to Privacy and the Hunt for Images.

An artistic research project about the shootings of public figures in 20th century press photos.

Starting point of my research are press photos from dissolved working archives of newspapers and picture agencies, mostly published in the USA. An archive of about 300 photos was compiled showing snapshots of celebrities and other persons of public interest who move in the protected space of an automobile.

To be prominent means to have achieved a high degree of public awareness, however acquired. Who has been in the public eye and in the focus of media attention in the western world of the last century? What kind of snapshots were distributed by newspapers, magazins and picture agencies?  And what small and big stories are hidden in between and beyond the iconic pictures of these people of public interest?

The following images were created for the 10th Bienniale Internationale de Gravure Contemporaine, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Liège, BE, 2015

1936 Mrs. Wallis Simpson
1939 Herschel Seibel Grynspan
1951 Mrs. Ethel C. Taylor
1952 Greta Garbo and friend
1955 Mrs. Emmett-Dunne
1959 Ingrid Bergman with children
1966 Tony McGuirre
1967 Emanuel Malliart
1970 Joe Fischetti
1973 arab terrorist
1975 Patty Hearst
1976 Katherine Hepburn and Clive Barnes
1976 Frederick Woods III.
1981 Marlon Brando
1985 Madonna and Sean Penn
1991 Christopher Geld

The project is going on…

The merging of photos, stories and agency informations into only a single image will continue.

In addition, the archive of press photos will be transformed into a system of categorization that focuses on the relationship between the photographers and the photographed.