Being at the Underground

The London Underground is a public transport network that offers users a very quick movement in the large city. The stations are transit points where people rush through to reach their trains on time. The trains, on the other hand, are places of stay where people wait to be taken to their destinations.

At the bottom of the escalator at Embankment.

25 seconds of a video sequence transformed into only one image of 25 x 25 videostills

A video recording during rush hour. The movement of the video sequence was transformed into a dimension of simultaneity.

On the way to Circle Line.

154/98 stills extracted from a video sequence of 17 seconds

An accidental video sequence about observing and being observed.

On the escalator at Green Park Station.

from the video sequence 57 videostills were extracted

It was pure coincidence that the girls were in the focus of the camera.

the video sequence runs on three monitors with offset beginnings

From Willesdon Green to Charing Cross.

An uncut video recording of a 20-minute drive on the Jubelee Line.

Driving on Circle Line

A videostill.

Motion and Emotion was shown at Kunstverein Plauen in 2003.

Motion and Emotion was exhibited at the Hereford Photography Festival at Guildhall Art-Centre, UK, 2002.

Motion and Emotion got a prize at the 4. internationalen Kunstwettbewerb für Tafel- und Bewegtbild, VTDigitalART Gallery, Frankfurt, 1999